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…and just like that…BLINK 182 is back. This was one of my favorite childhood bands, even before they were famous. I was really into the underground punk rock scene and these guys were famous for a minute in California before they became Blink 182.

After many years of not having Tom Delonge in the group, they’ve reunited and they are back with their first music video in god knows how long.

What Sunglasses Is Mark Hoppus Wearing In The Blink 182 Eding Video?

As seen, he actually always wears this pair – they are his classic GO-TOs. These are the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers RB 2140 black in a 54mm lens size which is the large to extra-large size of this model. It’s important you know what size you want to fit which we’ll put a video for you.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer RB 2140 (Amazon)


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