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So I finally got around to watch the big Netflix show of the real-life story of Anna Sorokin, AKA Anna Delvey, played by the incredible Julia Garner. And of course, as you guessed, we have to talk about the glasses her character is wearing throughout the show, right? That’s why you’re here. Let’s do it.

Anna Delveys glasses have always been a staple in her wardrobe and the stylist of the show got that right on point while making the show.


The glasses worn by the character who in real life she always had black frames are the Celine glasses. How do we know this? Directly from Netflix:

According to Lyn Paolo, the costume designer for Inventing Anna, expertly curated accessories were the key to showing which characters were actually wealthy and belonged in that elite circle that Anna infiltrated. And of course, thanks to her keen observation skills, Anna always had the right accessories. “We were wanting Anna to pass for wealthy,” Paolo tells Tudum. “She was certainly wanting to pass for wealthy and we didn’t really have tells that she wasn’t, because that would’ve defeated her purpose. The real Anna was such a chameleon, and we wanted our Anna to fit in wherever she went.” The prop team, led by Diana Burton, chose black Celine frames because they were an exact match of the real Anna Delvey’s glasses; Paolo says that, from a fashion perspective, they were the perfect choice. “At the point in the story where she’s wearing the Celine glasses,” Paolo says, “it’s more about understated elegance and not being in your face with a designer label.”


We got some suggestions below. Overall, you’re looking for a large squared style of frames in black. Ideally between 48mm-54mm lens size which are large but thats her style.

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