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Ok…so you want to look like Ryan Reynolds, right? Yeah…who doesn’t? His all around style is ON POINT. From his great hair to great style of clothing, there’s one thing that’s a constant in Mr. Reynolds outfits these days and that is his style of glasses.

There are two types of glasses Ryan Reynolds wears. The square look and the round look.

Let’s go through his gram and capture these styles and we’ll recommend what we think you should get. At least along the lines of the style so you can get the same look.

The good ol’ classic square glasses look. What a style, right? We’re recommending you check out a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer classic glasses to get this look and style.

Ray-Ban RX4340 (Amazon)

A more square frame thick is his go-to…we think he loves Tom Fords.

Tom Ford TF 5304 (Amazon)

You can get this look by getting a transparent style Rx glasses like these Tom Fords…

Tom Ford FT5401 (Amazon)


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