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Alright guys, this may be the most famous pair of sunglasses ever worn in a movie. We got a few requests to do this and we love our classic posts, and we know you do too! Drop a comment below and tell us how much you love these shades, btw.

If you want a classic, iconic style, you can get this awesome look. A cat-eye style pair of shades, this pair can just really complete an outfit.

Breakfast At Tiffanys

So, what sunglasses is Audrey Hepburn wearing in this iconic film? MANHATTAN 1960 DARK TORTOISESHELL by Oliver Goldsmith.

This pair can run anywhere between $400-$500. Beautiful craftsmanship and a great pair to add to any womens collection. Make’s for a great gift too!

ON A BUDGET? We got you, as always….

PRIVÉ REVAUX ICON Collection “The Hepburn” Polarized Retro Cat-Eye Sunglasses is a great option can you can find under $40!


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