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There is so much talk about this movie, and there has been. It’s been full of drama, off-screen…which…may have helped the movie get an incredible amount of press. But, if you’re here, you’re wanting to know what sunglasses Harry Styles is wearing in the movie.

Dont Worry Darling / Warner Bros.

While we don’t have an exact match, we have the perfect shades for you to get the exact Harry Styles sunglasses look in Dont Worry Darling.


This is a classic pair of sunglasses made famous in the 50s. It’s called the Clubmaster by Ray-Ban and that’s the shades we picked for you to get this slick look.

These sunglasses come in many different colors and comes in two sizes, 49mm and 51mm. You can also find other brands that carry this style but we love the classic Ray-Ban Clubmaster.


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