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So, a few requests actually came in for this one so we’ll do a quick write up since this show hasn’t been on the air for quite some time. However, we know it’s got a nice following and we know that the sunglasses worn by Jeffrey Donovan in Burn Notice actually was a big thing for people when the show was live as it made a serious fashion statement of cool.

With that being said, What Sunglasses Does Jeffrey Donovan (Michael Westen) Wear in Burn Notice?

Meet the Oliver Peoples Victory sunglasses. Unfortunately, this pair of shades seems to be discontinued…


Oliver Peoples has released a model that will get you the look and style of the Victory in the CLIFTON style shades.

Oliver Peoples Clifton 

Another idea is to just get the style on the cheap…The price of a Oliver Peoples sunglasses is between $250-$350, so, if you’re on a budget, as always, we got you..


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