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If you want to be the best cyclist in the world one day, you should look like one. That starts with getting the look of he great Tadej Pogačar. Tadej has become the #1 ranked cyclist in the world, and of course you can’t be a great cyclist without a great pair of sunglasses.

What Sunglasses Does Tadej Pogacar Wear? Let’s take a look…


Tadej Pogačar is sponsored by SCICON (pretty sure about this,) as I’m surprised Oakley hasn’t snatched him yet…unless he was? Don’t know too much about the space but sure that he is always in a pair of SCICON sunglasses.

Want to get the look? You can find Tadej often in a pair of SCICON Aeroshade Sport Performance Sunglasses.

SCICON is the shades of cyclist.

SCICON Aeroshades Sport – Amazon
SCICON Aeroshades Sport – Amazon


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