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We haven’t seen Angelina Jolie in a while. The only press she seems to get is from her divorce from Brad Pitt. Did you know she’s in a movie called, “Those Who Wish Me Dead”? Of course you do…that’s why you’re probably here. If not…you landed here from browsing our incredible archive of the latest spotings and trends in eyewear.

The movie was released in May 2021′, however, we’re getting to it now by request.

What Sunglasses is Angelina Jolie Wearing in ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead’ ? Let’s get to it.

Source: Warner Bros / Those Who Wish Me Dead

The sunglasses worn are a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators gold with light brown lenses most likely in a 58mm. They are probably one of my favorite pairs and they are 100% unisex.

This pair and style is for both casual and formal wear. You can rock these shades literally anywhere and someone will tell you what a great pair of sunglasses you have on.


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