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It’s the biggest celebrity trial after the O.J. Simpson trial, isn’t it? At least it seems that way. This trial has all the drama that makes for a great story and great TV. Of course, the characters involved are playing the part, even when it comes to their wardrobe. Johnny Depp is always in great style, and a little trial suing his ex-wife for $50m isn’t going to stop his coolness.


The star is wearing a pair of round classic vintage style frames. Let’s take a look first.

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  • Matteo says:

    Does someone know the real sunglasses model?

  • Max says:

    Exactly, the question is , What glasses is he using during this trial?
    Not ” What glasses are similar to the frames Johnny depp is using during the trial?”
    Not one of these models are even similar to those he’s wearing !
    I’m looking for those frames all over the web and nobody seems to know, i’m beginning to think they’re not in commerce
    for anybody else than him ….. 🙁

    • Jonathan says:

      Max, I disagree – those models are similar….that’s just it. It’s never too easy unless branded lensees or temples are present to know the excact frame. If you find what they are, let us know – we usually do a good job at finding them and will update if we do as well!

  • Dan says:

    The Brand is called MOSCOT and the Glasses he’s wearing are Lemtosh.

    • Jonathan says:

      ITS POSSIBLE…I know that’s what comes out in Google Shopping and we looked into it, but theres a small detail thats still suspect. The accents on the front of the frames and sides (temples) which the Moscot have arent in the images Depp has in court…so we can’t be sure those are it either.

      • Dan says:

        So the Moscot Lemtosh is Johnny’s Favourite glasses he wears them when heading to his car and is also seen wearing them in his previous trials. The ones he’s wearing in court I’m still not sure. But I’ve found some similar frames which I believe have to be the one for sure.

        – Oliver Peoples – Riley Sun, Buff or Semi-Matte Amber (Ironic) Tortoise
        – Cutler and Gross – 1378 Blue Light Filter Optical Round Glasses or 0734 Round Sunglasses
        – Garrett Leight – Clune glasses

        Let me know what you think and if any of them are actually the exact frame.

        • Matteo says:

          The models you’ve found are similar but there are some difference:
          Oliver Peoples: the bridge is very similar to the Johnny Depp model, but the acetate is too thinner and also the frame shape is too much round
          Cutler and Gross: I exclude both models because of the temples that are a lot bigger than JD’s once
          Garrett Leight: the bridge is lower, too much round shape, thinner acetate, thinner temples

        • Grant says:

          These are all really good guesses. I think the closest are
          Oliver Peoples – Riley Sun
          Garrett Leight – Clune glasses (if they had blue lenses)

  • Emily says:

    Any updates on this thread? Any more ideas????

    • R1 says:

      They seem to be Moscot glasses from the built/style. Ay be an older model, either no longer in production or different colour scheme. Or perhaps where custom made for him? They don’t look like Oliver People, as OP has slimmer lines.

      Other similar from Moscot are:

      – Moscot Arthur
      – Moscot Frankie

  • Carolyn Rose says:

    Not sure, but they are bent. The right side arm, specifically. He’s always tucking them behind his ear. He probably sat on them at some point, or threw them .

    I’ve had a lot of time on my hands to watch the trial this week! It’s a train wreck.

  • Matt says:

    Fairly certain they are Entourage of 7

  • Tony says:


  • T says:

    Definitely the Australian brand AM

  • T says:

    Definitely the AM brand out of Australia


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