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There’s two reasons we’re writing this post. One, we got this question asked by a reader, and two, this video was DAMN GOOD. I strongly recommend you give this watch – but – chances are, if you found googling, “what sunglasses is Kevin Hart wearing in the Jay Shetty podcast?” that was uploaded on Youtube, you already saw it and want to know.

It’s important to point out that these podcasts are uploaded onto Youtube and shown there – most probably listen to it. If you haven’t seen this, I really recommend you give it a watch. I really enjoy watching Kevin Hart speak – I think there’s a lot of wisdom he shares that can help with self-improvement, etc.

Kevin is in a pair of great black squared sunglasses – we can’t tell what pair it is yet but if you’re reading and you know for sure – drop a comment on the comments section. HOWEVER, as always, we’re going to recommend something to get you the style and look that gets as close as possible.

If you know anything about Kevin Hart, by the looks of how he dresses and style, he enjoys the finer things in life. We have some styles we think are super close to the shades.

Source: Jay Shetty Podcast on Youtube




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