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So, if you’ve watched The Matrix Resurrections or ANY of the Matrix movies for that matter, the fact is that the sunglasses worn by the characters are something the audience has really been captivated with. While he movie plays on the basis and concept of the future, maybe thats why the style itself has captured peoples interest to get the look.

What Sunglasses Is NEO (Keanu Reeves) Wearing in ‘The Matrix Resurrections’?

Source: The Matrix Resurrections

From what we know, the sunglasses worn in the movie are designed by designer Tom Davies. Veteran costume designer Lindsay Pugh originally tapped the British eyewear maker to supply 200 bespoke shades for The Matrix Resurrections.

While we couldn’t find a place for you to get the the exact pair, we’re here to tell you how to get the look. Ready?


Let’s start with this pair of Ray-Ban Predator sunglasses. The round wrap look gives NEO vibes all the way.

This is almost an exact match really…so definitely check this pair of Oakley Chainlink out that can put you in NEO mode – just put them on..

Another Ray-Ban style that can get you the look and feel of NEO vibes is the Ray-Ban RB4033. This wrap style is thinner and may be a small fit.

Lastly, we’re sticking to another Ray-Ban style. This is the RB4114 rectangular pair of shades.

Ready to get the NEO Matrix sunglasses style? Comment below and let us know what you think!


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