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If you may not have heard by now, Hailey Beiber has released her own sunglasses collection with VOGUE. This collection, out of many celebrity collections that I’ve followed over the years is probably the most stylish, well done collection that actually has a great style of beautiful designs at incredibly affordable prices. You’ll be able to get these sunglasses in the range between $70-90.

In an interview with VOGUE magazine: “Putting a cool pair of sunglasses with an outfit can elevate it—it can make or break an outfit,” she says. Her go-to shapes are smaller sizes. “I’m not a large sunglasses person; I have a tiny face.” (How many pairs does she have in her collection? “I have no clue, it’s probably an embarrassing amount,” she laughs.)

From Hailey Beibers Instagram post, let’s look at some of these great styles that you can rock right now.

(scroll to the right on the instagram posts to see the Hailey Beiber Vogue sunglasses styles!) POSTED on May 6, 2022 @haileybeiber


Vogue Eyewear X Hailey Bieber Collection Vo4245s Rectangular Sunglasses 

Picture #2: Vogue Eyewear X Hailey Bieber Collection Vo4242s Round Sunglasses 

Picture #3: Vogue Eyewear X Hailey Bieber Collection Vo5440s Square Sunglasses 


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