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We’re going retro! While this is a movie from the early 80s, 1983 to be exact, it’s still considered one of the greatest classic films of our time. The 80s were a great decade for retro style now. One thing that stands out from the movie, of course, are what we always look at – THE SUNGLASSES.

If you want to get a pair of vintage / retro sunglasses in your collection and something that can turn some heads, then we have to take a look at the sunglasses that Al Pacino who plays the iconic character Tony Montana wears.

So, after much digging into this to make sure we get you the right answers if you’re looking to get the look and style, Tony wears two different pairs throughout the movie. You can see this by both Instagram posts between the first and the second post.

The first we believe to also be a Porsche Carrera style but because it’s discontinued, you cannot get that pair. I really love this brand of frames for putting a pair of retros in the collection.

The second one, WE GOT YOU.

It’s a pair of Carrera Porsche 5622. While these are also vintage discontinued sunglasses, we found them for you and where you can get a pair. We really recommend picking up a pair as who knows how long you’ll actually be able to get these.


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