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We got this question from the community a few days ago. I never heard of this show but sounds like an interesting watch.

Reformed criminals put their unique skills to good use by helping regular citizens fight back against corporate and governmental injustices.


What Sunglasses Does Noah Wyle as Harry Wilson Wear in Leverage: Redemption? Let’s take a look:

We don’t have an exact match but we can get you very close to getting the same style and look! If you know the exact pair, leave a comment below for the CSS community! We’re pretty sure those are Carrera sunglasses based on the frame style.

For now, take a look at our picks to get you the style!

Carrera Endurance 65 

YuJian Retro Plastic Oversized Aviator 70s Sunglasses

Carrera Blue Gradient Aviator Unisex Sunglasses HOT65 0SZJ/1V 63


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