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HE’S BACK. Eddie Murphy is truly ageless, isn’t he? He’s back in action than none other than comedic master, Jonah Hill! It’d Eddie Murphy’s new movie on Netflix called, “You People.” If you’re here reading this post, you probably Googled, “What Sunglasses Is Eddie Murphy Wearing In You People?” OR, you’re browsing through our collection of posts.

Source: Netflix – You People

While we don’t YET have a perfect match identified into the specific pair, we can tell you how to get the style and look with these recommendations!

Eddie Murphy is rockin a pair of squared black sunglasses which is a classic look.

We believe Eddie may be wearing a pair of Oliver Peoples Oliver Sun style sunglasses.

Okay, check this style we recommend for you to get the style as well in a pair of beautiful crafted sunglasses in these Persol PO3272s.


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