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Because Halloween is coming up, we got a great style for you to get. Yes, this may be one of the most underrated movies. Yes? No? Ok…let’s get on with it. BTW, I can’t believe this film is from 1991! If you haven’t watched this movie, stop reading this and go!

If you want to get this look, you just need the right pair of sunglasses which makes it all comes together.

While most blogs or sites you read say what type of sunglasses these are, they are actually wrong. However, we’ll get you to the closest style for you to get the look and give you some of our picks.


Our first pick is the one you’ll see most sites report these sunglasses are, but actually AREN’T. It’s the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer. It’s a close look but its not the exact pair.

This next pick actually closely resembles the shades even more…they are the Ray-Ban Justin sunglasses which has a more squarish look and fit as they do on Patrick Bateman.


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