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Mr. Guy Fieri. You know Guy from all his famous restaurants around the U.S., shows on the Food Network, and…sunglasses? YES. Believe it or not, and I know you DO believe it, and I know this because you are here, many search for the style of sunglasses Guy Fieri wears. It’s a staple in his look and something people really like about his style.

So, with that said, the question always is, “what kind of sunglasses does Guy Fieri wear?” Let’s take a look at his style through his instagram feed.

We know ONE thing FOR SURE. Guy LOVES the shield style sunglasses and for the most part maintains this style with all the different sunglasses he’s seen wearing. It’s all about the larger shield sunglasses look.

(as always, we’ll do our best maintaining the most up to date sunglasses style of Guy Fieri on this page. If you have any specific question, comment below!)

This are typical Guy Fieri sunglasses. We’ve identified these are shield VON ZIPPER sunglasses. You can see the VZ on the temples (arms) of the sunglasses.

We found jus the style and look for you here….

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That silver is really his style going on with his Oakland Raiders gear..

We love this Oakley Gascan style that can get you the look…

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Did we tell you he loves shield sunglasses?

So, if you want the Guy Fieri sunglasses style…you MUST have a pair of shield style sunglasses in your collection.

He LOVES Von Zipper Sunglasses…

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